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Book Review: Death Comes to Marlow by Robert Thorogood

Death Comes to Marlow is the sequal to The Marlow Murder Club by Robert Thorogood, the creator of BBC serie Death in Paradise. The Marlow Murder Club follows Judith Potts, a 77-year old lady who lives in Marlow. She is enjoying her life, solving crosswords and swimming in the river. Not worrying about a thing, until one night she becomes the witness of a murder. Except, the police doesn't believe it's a murdercase. Judith will have to take matter into her own hands and starts solving the murder by herself. Along the way she meets two women, who become her friends and help her solve the murder. Together they are The Marlow Murder Club.  In Death Comes to Marlow we go back to Marlow and the ladies of the Marlow Murder Club. Life has been quiet in Marlow since last year's murder. But things are about to change when Judith gets invited to the party of Sir Peter Bailey, who is about to be married to his nurse. Everyone is having a fun time when suddenly they hear a crash and th

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