The Cabin in the Woods - Sarah Alderson

"In a cabin in a wood,
A woman by the window stood.

Glancing out, she thought she heard
Footsteps, whistling, something stirred.

Hiding here, she fears the night,
For what’s done in the dark will come to light.

She must run fast to escape her lie
Or she’ll be the next to die…"

This is all I knew when I started reading this book but oh boy was I in for a good story. Before I properly start the review, I want to thank Netgalley and Avon Books for letting me read this ARC. Now, let's start.

You start this book knowing nothing about the main character, what happend, what she is running for. But believe me it all becomes perfectly clear in due time. And then I hope you'll like it just as much as I do, because I rated it 5 stars. And here is why:

As I said at the beginning you know absolutely nothing. You honestly don't even know whether you can trust the main character or not. Everything is narrated by her, and you can't be certain whether she is telling the truth or you are caught up in her reality. It made me want to read more very quickly. I just wanted to find out who I could trust in this story. During this review I will try to keep away from the details in order to keep it spoiler free. Normally I like to talk more about the details but I don't want to give the plot away. 

The book often switches between the past and present, and through these changes you'll find out more and moreabout what is happening and how the main character got into this situation. I started to have suspicions during the book, but I was never sure whether they were true or whether I wanted them to be true, and then in the last 100 pages it just all connected and it made so much sense.

Tense is a good way to describe this book. There is continious tension and the main character is contioniosly on her guard. This made me feel very tense as well, but in a good way! I got absorbed into the story and wanted to know more. 
They way the story was build up and the backstory was just perfect, it fitted perfectly within the story. I have genuinly nothing bad to say about it.

The Cabin in the Woods by Sarah Alderson is a book I would definetly recommend to my fellow thriller and mystery lovers. It will be published 7th July 2022.