The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo - Taylor Jenkins Reid

 The world's most famous actress, Evelyn Hugo, invites Monique, a reporter for Vivant, to write her biography. She will tell the story of how she became famous, but more importantly how she managed to marry seven (yes, you read that right, seven!) husbands. All the drama and scandals will be told and made available to the public. But, that is not all there is. Will this interview change Monique's life forever? This book is so intriguing, I could not put it down. I could only rate this 5 stars.

I bought this book because I heard literally everyone talking about how great it is. So, when I saw it in the bookstore I, of course, could not leave without it. The popularity of this book had caused my expectations to be sky-high. I was hoping to not be disappointed by the book, but since my expectations were this high, I felt like the chance of disappointment was getting higher, and higher. 

But then I actually started reading the book, and let me tell you, I immediately fell in love with the story and characters. Taylor Jenkins Reid made these perfect characters. That being perfectly written. The characters themselves all have their flaws and a lot of them are actually very problematic, but the way they are written and how they fit into the story is simply perfect. Most of these characters would be instant red flags in real life, but they make this story come alive, without them the story, Evelyn's life, would not have been the same. 

The story takes place in New York and Los Angeles for the most part and takes you through Evelyn's life. The story follows a young Evelyn Hugo in the 1950s until the present time, where she is retired. The build-up in the story is astonishing. You start at the present day, and then the interviews start. During the interviews, Evelyn tells her life story and once in a while you move back to the present for just a few pages, until the story is ready to be told again.

I can tell you that this is a book I could not put down. I read it very quickly and loved every second of it. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo filled me with tears, anger, and most importantly love. I am glad I picked it up that day in the bookstore, it did not disappoint. Hopefully, you'll enjoy this book just as much as I did.