A Week Away During May

It has been quite a while since you heard from me, but I think lockdown and this pandemic took its toll on all of us. This pandemic gave some rest I needed, and also time to think about what I want. So I decided to really pick up this blog again. I'll try to post once a week, except for the next two weeks, because I will be going on a vacation!

Before lockdown started my family had booked a vacation home for a week here in The Netherlands.  Because I still had lectures to follow, I would join them during the weekend. Except lockdown happened, so I could join them earlier. It was a great week, it felt like we were away from the lockdown for a while and I even celebrated my birthday there! We basically went on a walk every day! So I took quite some pictures and I read two books if I am not mistaken. I had a great time and I think these pictures will show it! It's not a lot but I hadn't meant to make a post about this! But I had to start somewhere!

After I get back from my vacation to Crete, I will post something about what I was up to during lockdown!