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Hello lovely readers,

I am back! As you can see I decided to switch to writing in English on this blog. I somehow feel more comfortable writing in English. The past few months I have been absent here, and that was basically because I was busy and couldn't get this blog to match with my work for the university. At the moment I am free from any work for the university, which means I can try to pick up this blog again. My intention is to post once a week. I am gonna do some stuff that I am comfortable with. So this is gonna be a place where I will drop my photographs and I will try to start writing book reviews since I am an absolute book nerd. But that is for later. In this blog post, I am gonna show you where I went this summer. Yes, I know it has been quite some time since summer, but still, it is great to look back.

So this year I went to Austria with my family. We drove there by car and we decided to stay one night in Germany. So it basically took us two days to get to Austria. In Austria, we stayed quite close to Salzburg which we also visited during our stay. I am gonna show some photographs I made, and there will be an explanation of where it was and what we did, but it won't be in the right order cause I kind of forgot where we went at what moment.

I was so extremely excited to visit Salzburg. In my head, I had these visions of what it would look like and what I wanted to do and photograph. Well, let's say I got a bit disappointed. That day it was extremely busy in Salzburg. We didn't go to Mozart's birth house because it was so busy. It wasn't exactly on my bucket list, but at least it would have been cool to see. We walked by some shops, went to a squire with an absolutely magnificent fountain. After that, we visited a church. It was so beautiful. Everywhere I looked I saw something just astonishing.

After getting ourselves lunch we crossed the river to go to the other side of the city. To the bridge were thousands of locks attached, and it was so amazing to look at and realize how many people had crossed that bridge with someone they loved. On the other side, I went into a record store and after some walking around I bought a Queen record, which is of course amazing.

A beautiful hike with a crazy story
When you read this sentence you most likely thought: 'What might happen on a hike'. Well let me tell you the story of this crazy, yet still beautiful hike. When we found this hike it was said to be easy. We thought:'Great, what can go wrong!?'. So we did the hike, and oh boy it was quite a wild day. We started the hike and it was indeed easy, but we judged too soon because we saw this mountain and we were heading that way. Turned out we had to hike up that mountain. My dad and I were excited too, but my mom and sister not so much. So we decided to split up and see each other on the other side of the mountain. This was not gonna be an easy hike.

My dad and I hiked to the top of the mountain and whilst doing this met this sweet cow. No problem at all. We reached the top and had a beautiful view. We even could see my mother and sister. After looking around for a few minutes we decided to hike to the other side of the mountain where we'd meet them again. Well, this is where it really started getting difficult. You had to be so careful where you walked and make sure you didn't trip over stones. But eventually, we got good at it. When we looked down we saw that our road was gonna make a turn and that there was a cow there. I said to my dad, that that cow wasn't our problem yet. I didn't know yet that it was gonna be a problem though. We made the turn and found out through the people in front of us that the cow was a bull and that the bull was quite aggressive. After looking at him for a while we decided to take a little detour and we went off the road to avoid the cow. It was intense but my dad and I had a lot of fun during this hike.

The Großglockner is a big glacier in Austria. You can follow a route to this glacier by car and during this ride, you often have a beautiful view. And in some places there is even some snow!


  1. oeehh zo'n mooie foto's wauw!!! ik mis reizen nu zo! Die hike klinkt echt als kei leuk en avontuurlijk haha! ben benieuwd naar de volgende foto's :)

    1. Dankjewel! De hike was ook echt geweldig! Ik ga nu eerst een aantal andere dingen posten voordat ik weer wat post over Oostenrijk. Ik denk dat deel 2 over een week of drie online komt.


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